2017 Toyota Hilux: An Ultimate Off-Roader with Rigid Body Structure

2017 Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is the strongest and durable pick-up truck of all time and now 2017 Toyota Hilux comes up with enhanced performance and aggressive looks. Toyota Hilux was first introduced in 1968 and ever since it has been the most favorite vehicle in its class.

Keeping its identity, 2017 Toyota Hilux gets tough body structure and it is stronger than before. The upgraded chassis and design of 2017 Toyota Hilux increase its capabilities and make it a remarkable heavy duty truck in the market. Not only exterior, the interior also gets significant changes and it offers a roomy cabin for long travel.

Absolutely, 2017 Toyota Hilux has been made specifically for beating off-road challenges, it is capable and you can carry heavy luggage in its long cargo bed. In addition, the enhanced towing capacity of 2017 Toyota Hilux facilitates driver to move machinery and large items. The new Toyota Hilux is offered in 4 versions such as single cabin, chassis cab, double base cabin and double SR cabin.

2017 Toyota Hilux
2017 Toyota Hilux

Take a peek at the all-new 2017 Toyota Hilux and learn more about its features packed inside here.

Design and Structure of 2017 Toyota Hilux

The most notable feature of 2017 Toyota Hilux is its intelligent design and structure. The use of high-strength steel in the chassis of 2017 Toyota Hilux has made it tough, rigid and strong, thus it can carry large luggage. The redesigned structure has enhanced its load capacity that is 1200 kg, thus it can travel confidently as a carrier on rough terrains.

2017 Toyota Hilux
2017 Toyota Hilux

The front of the truck receives multi-reflector halogen headlights, with a large grille. The rear also gets multi-reflector lights with emergency lights.

Engine Choices 

2017 Toyota Hilux
2017 Toyota Hilux

2017 Toyota Hilux is available with 3 engine choices. One is a 2-litre Petrol engine that produces 137 horsepower. Second is 2.4-litre Turbo Diesel engine that generates 147 horsepower. The third engine is a 2.7-litre Petrol that propels 164 horsepower. It is a 4X4 vehicle that is perfectly suitable for a thrilling off-road adventure.

Roomy Interior 

2017 Toyota Hilux
2017 Toyota Hilux

2017 Toyota Hilux offers a roomy interior for a comfortable travel. Toyota has done various technological updates in 2017 Hilux model and there are various driving functions. The dashboard offers infotainment and entertainment features.

2017 Toyota Hilux
2017 Toyota Hilux

The seats are finished in good-quality material. For convenience, there are four-door variant, large pockets and storage compartments present for placing your belongings. 

Safety Features

The safety of 2017 Toyota Hilux has been updated. You will find the following features in 2017 Toyota Hilux:

  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Set of air bags
  • Three point front seat belts
  • Impact-controlled deformation zones

Furthermore, the strong chassis and steel frame of 2017 Toyota Hilux enhances passenger safety in case of a collision.

2017 Toyota Hilux Versions with Prices

For commercial users, 2017 Toyota Hilux is an excellent vehicle to look out for. The starting price for its 4 versions is as follows:

  • Chassis cab – $ 272, 800
  • Single cabin – $ 290, 000
  • Double base cabin – $ 332, 500
  • Double SR cabin – $ 343, 500

The price may vary as per optional features and delivery charges. In addition, 2017 Toyota Hilux is offered in different exterior colors and cab sizes for addressing changing customer needs.